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Terra Vera Retreats - A Manifestation & Yoga Retreat


The Retreat
We designed this retreat to inspire the soul and to stimulate all the senses.  This retreat offers you the unique experience of witnessing Africa's grandiose natural beauty while immersing yourself in a culture rich in design, history, and diversity. The snow-capped Atlas Mountains and the palm tree scattered desert of Marrakesh emits a serene, yet powerful energy that will help you tap into your inner wisdom.  Marrakesh, a mecca for interior design and ambience, is celebrated for its incredible ability to inspire creativity and a fun expression of self.  The vibrant energy along with the alluring visions, scents, and tastes will all astound you!  We've put together an itinerary that reflects all the soulful and beautiful aspects of this area of  Morocco and know you will LOVE it. 

The Workshops
The process of manifestation is fun, focused, and energetic!  The facilitators, Michelle Lee and Amanda Dykann, will guide you through thoughtful discussions and processes that reveal the power within you.  The foundational premise of the workshops is that the Law of Attraction is a universal discipline that when leveraged appropriately allows all that you desire to flow into your experience.  We will take a deeper look at the energetics of creation and how to use your subconscious mind to propel you into the life you've dreamed of.  Guided meditations, exercises, journaling, and creative processes will all assist in this weeklong dive into releasing the Creator inside of you! 

The Yoga
The yoga classes at the retreat are all-level and available to everyone.  Amanda's teaching style is extremely intuitive and each class will focus on specific alignment points, the medical benefits of the asana, and the spiritual context of yoga.  The physical practice of Hatha Yoga can be a powerful tool for gaining clarity in the mind, and alignment with Source Energy.  The yoga practice will support the deeper work we will share.  You will feel completely connected to your radiant health and vitality after this incredible week of Asana practice.

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