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Join EAT.PRAY.MOVE's newest collaboration, MOVE+MANIFEST, an exciting journey through the magical sites of Morocco while doing yoga and exploring how to manifest life goals and vision boards. EAT.PRAY.MOVE has led sold-out retreats for five years at Peacock Pavilions and continues to hold several retreats every year.

Besides daily yoga classes, EPM's MOVE+MANIFEST retreatswill offer a series of mindful workshops that will guide you in the exploration of creative self-expression in your life. There will be meaningful discussions and fun activities intended to help you tap into your own inner wisdom and heartfelt desires. And between the vibrancy of Marrakesh and the serenity of the desert and mountains, the atmosphere will surely ignite your being with an energy perfect for the creative process.  

Some of what to expect from the workshops:

  • Energizing & clarifying your dreams
  • Connecting with others and this world on a deeper level
  • Discovering powerful creative tools for the subconscious using journals, images, affirmations
  • Boosting awareness of yourself and how you’re creating your life
  • Changing the stories and beliefs holding you back from having exactly what you want!

*Plus, as part of EPM's "GIVE-BACK" program, 10% of profits will go back to support Peacock Pavilion's own non-profit PROJECT SOAR to help our neighborhood village of Douar Ladaam.

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