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Dreaming in Color in Morocco with Amy Butler and Hildie Dunn

The stunning Peacock Pavilions is our home base for this massive week of inspiration and adventure! Together we’ll dream big as we define our dream for our lives with powerful coaching from Hildie. During our dreaming sessions we'll connect deeply with our hearts as we learn how to tell the truth about what we really want while dismantling the fears that are holding us back. Our week together will be filled with creative dreaming sessions mixed with day trips that take us to fascinating, colorful locals! We’ll scour the souks, visit historic sites in Marrakesh and have a full day in the beautiful seaside village of Essaouria.

This is an exclusive Handel opportunity! You are in for a very special experience with Hildie's coaching both in our group sessions and in the one on one time she will have available for everyone. You will fall in love with her immediately like I did! I’ve been coaching with Hildie for 4 years and she’s amazing and a conduit for major positive change in my life.  I’m so tickled I get to create this magical week and share it with you. We will leave our Morocco experience empowered, inspired and tapped into our unique creative spirits!

Here are some of the activities we have planned:

* Several dreaming sessions with Hildie and Amy

* Explore historic sites and the exotic and colorful Souks in Marrakech

* Dinners in Marrakech and belly dancing performances

* Explore Essaouria, a historic fortified town on the Atlantic and go camel riding on the beach.

* Spa treatments and a traditional Morrocan Hammam at Les Bains des Marrakech

* Roof top henna party

* An evening wine tasting and delicious meals at the Peacock Pavilions

More information and booking here!