How much will it cost me, you wonder? Well, since you asked so nicely...



The entire pavilion
Two ensuite bedrooms, grand salon and rooftop terraces

375 Euros



The entire pavilion 
Three ensuite bedrooms, full kitchen and dining room, grand salon and rooftop terrace

575 Euros 


Peacock Pavilions – The Whole Shebang

Splash out and rent both Pavilions. Run buck naked through the olive grove (ahem, at the risk of shocking the housekeepers and gardeners). Lounge around like a pasha. Imagine what it would be like if you quit your job and spoiled yourself silly. Perfect for special birthdays or anniversaries surrounded by those you love.



Both Pavilions

950 Euros

Note: Single rooms may be available. Please inquire.

3 nights minimum. 25% non-refundable deposit required for reservation.