We believe the world would be a better place if everyone made an effort to be better neighbors.


The goal of Project Soar is simple: to empower teenage girls to be the leaders of today and tomorrow.  We help keep girls in school, breaking the cycle of girl marriages and girl motherhood.  


In 2013, Peacock Pavilions’ owners, Maryam and Chris, founded Project Soar, a non-profit organization that seeks to uplift underserved teenage girls. We offer each Moroccan teenage girl over 50 hours of empowerment activities a year with our girl centered curriculum that helps each girl understand her value, her voice, her body, her rights and her path. Girls must stay in school to participate in Project Soar, helping prevent them from becoming girl brides, a practice that is still prevalent in the area.  

Project Soar now has a a headquarters in the village where Peacock Pavilions is located and serves 24 nearby communities. Beyond the headquarters, Project Soar is now located in 22 locations around Morocco (with over 70 trained empowerment facilitators) and is the face of the girls rights’ movement in Morocco. By May 2019, the organization will have empowered over 900 girls. The organization has received mention in multiple media outlets, including on CNN International, the BBC and the New York Times. It was included in the CNN documentary about girls’ empowerment, We Will Rise and 2 girl beneficiaries and 2 Project Soar coordinators were invited to the White House. Plans are currently underway to expand Project Soar so that it can reach more girls.

Peacock Pavilions prides itself in being Marrakesh's Do Good Hotel, and provides financial support to Project Soar, as well as facilities for a number of Project Soar activities. Many of the hotel's guests and retreat leaders have participated in Project Soar by leading workshops or by providing financial support to the cause. Additionally, when a guest shops at the M.Montague Souk, there is a give back to Project Soar with every purchase. Maryam serves as the director of the organization and volunteers 30+ hours a week to the organization. She was profiled in the New York Times as a woman changing the world around her.

Project Soar is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

For more information about the activities and opportunities to support Project Soar, please visit our website: www.projectsoarmorocco.org/

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