The stylish wife: Maryam pens the award winning lifestyle blog, My Marrakesh. She is the author of the coffeetable book, Marrakesh By Design, named by the editors at Amazon as a best book of the year. She is passionate about good design and can provide expert suggestions for shopping in the city. When not depleting the family bank account in the Marrakesh souks, Maryam is trying to save the world, or at least a little bit of it. She has a background in international humanitarian aid and is also the President of Project Soar, the non-profit organization that she founded with her husband.

The architect husband: Born in Chicago, Chris is an architect with a passion for eco-friendly design and more than twenty years of professional experience. He has designed homes and buildings for individuals and companies in North America, Africa, and Asia. But his wife says that Peacock Pavilions are his greatest achievement to date. Chris is fascinated by Moroccan architecture and can share insights on what to see and what to skip during your stay in Marrakesh. With over 12 living in Morocco, he has a good knowledge of the country as a whole, and can propose recommendations for your overall itinerary.

The teenagers: Tristan and Skylar are extraordinarily well-behaved children. They also can give you the straight scoop on cool, kid-friendly spots in Marrakech — because sometimes the grown ups just don’t understand. Tristan and Skylar skateboard, play basketball, ride horses, run track, play video games and conduct science experiments in the back yard (don’t ask). So if you’ve got kids with the same interests, everyone is going to get along just fine.

We hope you come visit soon. And please bring a copy of your favorite book to leave in the Peacock Pavilions library {chocolates work, too}.